Design Process
Mohammx qureshi 1

Stealth reconnaissance aircraft key art

Mohammx qureshi aircraft test

shape exploration inspired by fighter jets and blackbirds.

Mohammx qureshi design sheet notes

initial research on wing shapes, jet function, materials

Mohammx qureshi key

Thailand Resort - military mission to take down rebel base

Mohammx qureshi genn

Sci-fi generator exploration/shape design via electromagnet function

Mohammx qureshi key ref

Location/material and mood references

Mohammx qureshi sk

Study of architecture for the main Resort building

Mohammx qureshi dwarf

King's Hammer - hidden in Dwarven Ruins

Mohammx qureshi design sheet

shape exploration, materials applied over sculpt

Some projects/works in progress exploring design for locations, weapons, props, etc. Using initial research, quick notes/sketches to thumbnails or quick 3D block-outs and moving to concepts/key art and illustrations.