3D Process
Mohammx qureshi red

Keyshot render using terrain and sculpted buildings in Zbrush

Mohammx qureshi interior

Interior concept, initial render in MODO.

Mohammx qureshi house

3DCoat sculpt and keyshot render. With Photoshop overpaint.

Mohammx qureshi orc1

Marmoset Toolbag render from Zbrush sculpt

Mohammx qureshi sorcerer

Keyshot render with Photoshop Overpaint

Mohammx qureshi colour comps

Lighting passes for book cover design

Mohammx qureshi sketch

Several shots showing the process from initial render to finished concept/illustration. In the end, I'm using my understanding of composition, lighting, and design to create compelling imagery with the aid of tools that speed up the process and provide me with additional ways to experiment.

Some tools I use in these shots include:
-World Creator for quick terrain generation
-Keyshot, MODO, Marmoset Toolbag for rendering and lighting passes
-3DCoat/Zbrush for sculpting and texturing
-Photoshop for painting/matte painting and photo texture finishing